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VAT no: RO19672053
Reg.no.: J16 / 2292/2006
Working point: Str. Henry Ford, nr. 12, Sock Laboratory, Craiova, Dolj, Romania, 200662.
Email: support@socklaboratory.com

General Conditions

The online store socklaboratory.com, hereinafter referred to as the site, is owned and operated by ILPAN JR SRL, hereinafter referred to as the seller.

Use of this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of use set out below, which represent the agreement (contract) between the parties.

As the author / owner / administrator the seller reserves the right to update the content of this page, as well as the privacy policy without prior notice. Each user must check the terms and conditions frequently. Any change that occurs after placing and confirming the order will not affect the order, unless required by law.

Quality Guarantee (You Don’t Risk Anything!)

You don’t risk anything with Sock Laboratory! After ordering the box, try on up to 3 pairs of socks. Wear them. Wash them. Wear them again. If there is something you don’t like about them, if you don’t feel good about them, if they don’t suit you, you have 30 days to return the box to us for free, with all the used socks, and to get all your money back .

If you want to return the box, within 30 days of receiving it, you need to send us an email to support@socklaboratory.com, with the following data:

  • order number for identification
  • the reason for the return, so that we can improve if something is wrong
  • full name, telephone number, full address, date and time you are available to pick up the box for return
  • IBAN account and the name of the holder for the refund of the amount of money

To reimburse the amount paid, you need to send us the complete box, with all the packaging elements, including the socks you used, and from the entire composition of the box to be a maximum of 3 pairs of used socks.

User Registration Obligations

In order to use the service, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself.

Security of Personal Data

According to Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented, and of Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, the information provided by you will be used by the seller exclusively for the stated purpose of the site. Thus, the data in the order form will be used only to send you order confirmation, promotions, periodic newsletters (only to the extent that you agree to receive this type of information) invoicing and for the delivery of orders.

You are not obliged to provide personal data, but the refusal will make it impossible to process the order and carry out the delivery of the products. The recorded information is intended for the exclusive use of the seller.

According to Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the right of access, of intervention on the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to go to court. You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data and to request the deletion of data from our database. To exercise these rights, you can contact the seller by email sent to support@socklaboratory.com. The seller undertakes not to make public or sell the databases containing information on the personal data of its customers without their prior consent.

The seller does not send unsolicited messages to its customers. Any periodically sent message contains our identification data, as well as a valid unsubscription procedure.

Accepted Payment Methods



The prices displayed on the site are expressed in EUR and represent the final sale price. Prices are subject to change without notice. Price changes will not affect orders being processed and delivered.

The price of the product includes the shipping fee.

The fiscal invoice will be issued according to the EU & Romanian legislation in force and will accompany the products ordered at the delivery address.

Order and Delivery of Products

Any order will be delivered within the available stock, provided that it has been confirmed by the seller by written notification (email). The order processing time is 1-5 working days. The delivery time of the products is between 1 and 3 working days from the end of the order processing (delivery to the courier). On non-working days and public holidays, no processing or delivery of orders takes place.

Usually, orders placed on working days before 14:00, we will try to process them on the same day, and those placed after this time, will be processed on the next working day and will be delivered according to the specified delivery time.

During busy promotion periods, order processing can take up to 5 business days.

According to the laws in force, the order placed on this site is considered a contract between the buyer and the seller, each party must fulfill its duties. This means that the seller undertakes to deliver the ordered products and services, and the buyer undertakes to pay the value of the order.

Delivery of products from Sock Laboratory is provided by a courier company with which a delivery contract has been previously concluded.

The buyer is not allowed to open the package only after the receipt documents have been signed and its value has been paid.

Shipping and Handling Fee:


If the package is severely damaged upon receipt, we recommend that the buyer refuse the package and contact the seller. Subsequent complaints in this regard will be null and void.

For shipping or delivery deadlines that cannot be met, the seller will notify the buyer to communicate the estimated time for completion of delivery. If the new delivery time is not accepted by the buyer, the order will be canceled.

Due to information provided incorrectly or incompletely by the buyer, the seller does not guarantee compliance with delivery deadlines. In some cases the order may be canceled by the seller.

The seller has the right to refuse suspicious orders (very large number of products ordered or repeat orders returned).

If the delivery time cannot be met, a new estimated delivery time will be communicated. If the new term is not accepted, the order can be canceled.

If the delivery information is incorrect or incomplete, we cannot guarantee compliance with the delivery deadline. If in 24 hours you fail to correct the information we will be able to cancel the order.

Return Policy

The buyer will be able to return the products without invoking any reason and without incurring any penalties within 30 calendar days of receiving the product. Return fees are borne by the buyer.

If the product received is different from the one ordered or with other specifications (different size or model), shipping charges will be borne by the seller.

Cancellation or replacement of a product will be made no later than 30 calendar days after receipt of the product and under the following conditions:

  • the products have not been worn, washed and do not show any signs of wear;
  • the product must be sent in the original packaging, together with the label intact, in the condition in which they were shipped by the seller (eg the label must not be broken or removed).

How is a Product Returned?

Send an email to support@socklaboratory.com and tell us that you want to return the purchased products. You will receive an answer within a maximum of 3 working days.

You can return the products purchased on the site without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 30 calendar days of receiving the products, according to the provisions of Government Ordinance 130/2000 on consumer protection.

If you have received a different product from the one ordered or it is defective, shipping charges will be borne by the seller.

The products must be returned in the original packaging, with the invoice attached, to show no signs of physical wear or damage. We reserve the right to accept or refuse the return only after the products have been checked and meet the return conditions. If the return is resolved with a refund of the value of the products, the refund will be made by bank transfer to the account indicated by you in the return email, within 30 days of receiving the products back. Otherwise, if another product is chosen, the standard delivery terms are followed, ie a maximum of 3 working days.

Return fees are borne by the buyer.

Products that CANNOT be Returned:

  • products on promotions, which benefit from discounts; these products can only be exchanged with other products in stock or with a value coupon equal to the products originally ordered.
  • gift cards are not returnable; products purchased with a gift card can only be exchanged for other products that are in stock or with a voucher worth the same value as the products originally ordered.


All content presented on this site is the exclusive property of ILPAN JR SRL.

The seller guarantees the user limited access to the site in his personal interest (placing online orders or information) and does not give him the right to download or modify part or all of the site, to reproduce part or all of the site, to copy , to sell / resell or exploit the site in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the seller without the prior written consent of the seller. The content is protected by the Law for the protection of copyright (Law no. 8/1996) and by the laws on intellectual and industrial property.

Force Majeure

ILPAN JR SRL or its clients are not responsible for the non-execution on time and / or for the improper execution (totally or partially) of the obligations arising from this contract, if they were caused by force majeure, as defined by law. If the force majeure lasts longer than 15 days from the date of notification, the parties have the right to terminate the contract, without claiming damages from the other party.

Limitation of Liability

As a result of the legislation in force, the site and its administrator have no responsibility for:

  • delivery delays due to courier;
  • damage, destruction, loss during transport to the consignee, which is borne by the courier;
  • erroneous information provided by the buyer;
  • the inconvenience caused by the interruption of access to the store due to the internet service provider (ISP);
  • the content or nature of other sites through which a customer reaches the store.

We reserve the right to refuse an order at any time during the ordering process for several reasons, including:

  • the ordered product is no longer in stock;
  • identifying an error in product information, including price or promotional offer.

Final Provisions

The images of the products displayed on the site are informative and are made in photo studio conditions. Images may contain accessories not included in the product package. There is a possibility that monitor settings change the displayed colors and there are differences from the actual product.

ILPAN JR SRL may modify any of the above provisions but also other contents owned or managed, without prior notice to the buyer.

The client of ILPAN JR SRL accepts the terms and conditions of this document once placing an order.

Any dispute between the seller and the buyer will be settled amicably, through the competent Romanian courts or through mediators. To this end, the European Union has made available an online dispute resolution platform.


If you notice any copyright irregularity, the products received are counterfeit or infringe trademark rights, please notify us urgently by sending an email to: support@socklaboratory.com. We will respond to your notification within a maximum of 2 working days.