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We are the most enthusiastic sock factory in the world and our mission is

to put our perfect socks on every foot that walks the face of Earth

, selling only at the right price! 🙂

Why? Because we select only the best virgin combed cotton with filtered longer fibres. Because we work only with state-of-the-art sock knitting robots to produce perfect, seamless socks. Because we love what we do and we love the people who choose our socks.

which we are more than eager to deliver to you!

Sock Box / "The Essentials"

24 pairs for $63
🚚 free shipping

  • 1p BLACK + 1p BROWN + 1p NAVY
  • 1p BLACK + 1p GREY + 1p BLACK with GREY dots
  • 1p BROWN + 1p BEIGE + 1p Scottish Argyle in BROWN & BEIGE
  • 1p NAVY + 1p BLUE + 1p stripes NAVY & BLUE
  • 3p BLACK
  • 3p WHITE
  • 3p BLACK
  • 3p WHITE

📦 / The Collection

18 pairs for $72
🚚 free shipping

📦 / The Essentials
+ Colors of the Year

30 pairs for $72
🚚 free shipping

📦 / The Crew Essentials
+ Colors of the Year

18 pairs for $59
🚚 free shipping

📦 / The Essentials
No Invisibles

24 pairs for $59
🚚 free shipping

📦 / The Ankles
in Black & White

18 pairs for $49
🚚 free shipping

📦 / The Fine Blacks

18 pairs for $63
🚚 free shipping

Exclusive for the Club

of naked ankles

📦 / The Invisibles in Black & White

18 pairs for $49
🚚 free shipping


We guaranteetop quality!

With Sock Laboratory, you take no risk! After you get the Sock Box, try up to 3 pairs of socks. Wear them. Wash them. Wear them again. If there is anything that you don’t like, if you don’t feel good with them, if they don’t fit you, you have 30 days to return the Sock Box to us for free, including the used socks. You get all your money back. Read more details in terms and conditions.


The Story of Sock Laboratory

This story of pure entrepreneurship begins in 2016, when I, Ilie Pana (you can call me Eli), with no experience whatsoever, wanted to have my very own factory. After many obstacles, bottles of Coke, packs of cigarettes (even though I am not a smoker), sleepless nights, suppliers shouting at me, in the autumn of 2018 the Dream of a sock factory became reality. Now I am no longer alone. I work with a team of really wonderful people!

The moment of Revelation came from a struggle. We were trying to get our products into stores, but we found out that the stores were only looking for very cheap products. Quality did not matter. We didn’t want this compromise and we continued our search. Here we are now serving all our customers directly. We love the chance to be able to listen to every customer, every opinion, acknowledgement and even critique.


Onlyseamless toes

People fear robots. Some believe that robots will take the jobs from humans. Our robots, however, help us manufacture perfect socks, with seamlessly linked toes. Some sock factories still work with humans for this almost impossible task of creating a seamless toe on a sock. These people position each loop at the end of the sock on a needle, by hand. Imagine that!

We believe that humans deserve better jobs. In fact, our robots helped us create jobs by providing efficiency and quality in our factory, and thus managing to thrive on the market. Our people work to program and supervise the robots, to create patterns, to market our products, to communicate intensely with our customers, to ensure swift deliveries etc.

AND YES, WE SPEAK THE TRUTH! Our socks really have a seamless toe. Thank you, robots!


Composition ofour socks

80% virgin combed cotton 18% polyamide 2% elastane

Why not 100% cotton?

When we founded the factory, we wanted to make socks with 100% cotton. After months of testing all sorts of possible combinations, we realised that the 100% cotton sock is not the perfect sock we were looking for.

Cotton is extremely fragile, no matter how long its fibres. The 100% cotton sock degrades immediately. It is for this reason that we use the highest quality technical fibre of polyamide to give strength to the sock, without making the feet warm or smelly. Some people have worn our socks multiple days in a row and had no problems. However, we do not encourage this behaviour. : )

Cotton is not an elastic yarn, but very rigid. A 100% cotton sock becomes baggy after its first wear. Therefore, we use elastane for our socks, to make sure that they stay tight on your foot and leg. Our socks maintain their structure even after tens and hundreds of uses.

By doing this we are not making a cheaper sock. The high-quality technical yarns of elastane and polyamide that we use are in many cases more expensive than the virgin combed cotton itself.

The only possibility that we have to make 100% cotton socks is to use gassed & mercerised cotton, which is much more resistant. However, there are chemical processes that this cotton undergoes and, for this reason, it loses much of its absorption and softness properties, because of the changes in its molecular structure. We don’t want to use this type of yarn in our socks, because it is too far from natural cotton.

What do the percentages mean?

To benefit from the properties of all fibres used in the composition of the sock, most of them go parallel on the entire length of the sock. The percentages refer to the weight of each yarn in grams in a sock. 80% cotton means that 80% of the sock weight is cotton. Cotton is just heavier, it is not longer or shorter in length. A sock with thicker cotton will have a greater cotton percentage and one with thinner cotton will have less cotton percentage.

When choosing socks, it is important, in our opinion, to avoid polyester because it smells, as well as normal cotton because it pills easier than the combed one.

Why virgin combed cotton?

Our cotton is not any cotton! It is virgin combed cotton. For its production, the freshly harvested cotton fibres are combed, so the longest fibres can be selected. The price for this yarn is TRIPLE compared to the cheap recycled cotton that is being used for most of the socks that sell at a low price. Recycled cotton mixed with polyester creates the perfect medium for smelly bacteria.

We will never use cheap cotton in the Sock Laboratory.

We use the best fibres and the latest knitting technology at Sock Laboratory. Still, our prices are NOT high. Why? Simple, because we don’t use distribution companies and we don’t impose unfair markups on our customers.

Sock Laboratory - Home 9

Virgin Combed Cotton

The best cotton, with longer fibres, with no chemical processing.

Sock Laboratory - Home 10

Airjet Covered Elastomer

High-quality fibre that keeps the sock tight on the leg.

Sock Laboratory - Home 11

Polyamide for Strength

High-quality technical fibre which gives strength. The skin breathes, it doesn't smell.

Sock Laboratory - Home 12

Double Covered Elastic

The most expensive yarn in the sock, used in the welt for strong, but balanced elasticity.


100% free ofdangerous chemicals

Our yarn suppliers are certified and audited by OEKO-TEX

There are often situations in which the textile fibres are chemically processed, especially in the dying phase. Thus, if the yarn dying companies don’t take special care for using only health-safe chemicals in these processes, we deal with delicate situations in which even the simplest textile products can cause health issues.

Because we care about our lovely customers and, at the same time, we care about our long-term success, we have chosen to work with a highly trusted supplier for yarn, LEGS (Poland). They work at the highest standard of professionalism and they are certified by OEKO-TEX. This means that the internationally recognised auditing body certified that the textile fibres processed and sold by LEGS do not contain dangerous chemical substances.

*the OEKO TEX certificate refers to the yarn used in the Sock Laboratory socks and it is awarded to the LEGS company in Poland, not to our company.

The Certificates which Attest the Quality of LEGS Yarn

Ce sunt cei 25lei?

Nu am vrut să includem costul de transport și procesare a comenzii în prețul produsului, ca să nu dezavantajăm persoanele care comandă mai multe cutiuțe.

Tariful de 25lei include serviciul de procesare a comenzii și livrare. Avem un coleg care se ocupă doar de procesarea comenzilor și munca lui este inclusă în acel cost, la care se adaugă tariful de transport.

Adaosul la produse este la limită, pentru că sunt foarte calitative. Totul este gândit sa fie super corect pentru clienți și sustenabil pentru afacere ca să putem să funcționăm și să ne dezvoltăm!

Sperăm că a ajutat această explicație. Mulțumim mult pentru interes! 😘😘😘 

Îți garantăm calitatea!

Cu Laboratorul de Șosete nu riști nimic! Dupa ce comanzi cutiuța, probează până la 3 perechi de șosete. Poartă-le. Spală-le. Poartă-le din nou.

Dacă e ceva ce nu îți place la ele, dacă nu te simți bine cu ele, daca nu îți vin bine, ai timp în 30 de zile să returnezi gratuit cutiuța către noi, cu tot cu șosetele folosite, și să îți primești toți banii înapoi.

Detalii în termeni și condiții.