🕴️ If you want the Best Possible socks for your office attire...

then you want to pay really close attention to this story. Here is why. You're about to discover the source for Perfect socks that don't make your feet smelly or sweaty, made from Real Egyption cotton, in simple colors that you can wear everyday, ...and at a very fair price as you will be buying them straight from the production line, with no middle men.

👋 My name is Eli PANA and I am a practical person just like you

I've been searching for the perfect socks since forever. I just wanted to find a brand that sells high quality socks made from rich cotton that don't make your feet smelly or sweaty. And guess what?! I didn't!

😠 The Big Brands sell cheap sweatshop socks with outrageous markups!!!

I just couldn't bear the thought that I have to pay 10x - 20x markup for some cheap polyester socks made in some sweatshop by, to say the least, sad people working in dubious conditions, JUST BECAUSE the socks show a very well known brand label. And guess what, even the socks that have the cotton label are mostly made out of recycled cotton made from scraps of used cotton or from used clothes, not from the virgin cotton plant. That's the cheapest and lowest quality cotton possible, and as its threads are so small it can only take the shape of a thread of yarn only by sticking it on a core of polyester.

🙊 There are a lot of other pains with most socks on the market

  • UNCONFORTABLE TOE SEAMS. The toe usually has an annoying seam, and some more sensitive people just have to bear with it all day long.
  • MERCERISED CHEMICAL COTTON. The "luxury" mercerised cotton socks made of 100% cotton feel like plastic because the cotton is chemically treated to look shiny and have more strength.
  • POLYESTER. Many big brands use polyester for socks, which is the cheapest possible material, and IT SMELLS because it is a thriving environment for bacteria.
  • SMALL CHEAP HEELS AND TOES. To save costs, companies make socks with small heels and toes, because that is where the sock knitting robots spend most time and they are not effective.
  • SMALL CHEAP WELTS. The sock welt is the most expensive part to make as the thick elastic is more expensive than cotton and also this part of the sock is doubled and consumes even more material.
  • RECYCLED COTTON FROM WASTE. Most of the cotton socks on the market are not really made from high quality virgin cotton, but from scraps and waste. As the scraps and waste are very short threads, they cannot be twisted into a proper yarn, so they are stuck onto a polyester core.
  • SOCKS PILL EASILY. As the yarn uses shorter and shorter threads, they escape from it more easily so they create the effect of pilling easier.
  • FADING BLACK OR BLUEISH BLACK. Black is the most "expensive" color as it uses the highest dye quantity compared with lighter colors. For this reason, the low quality socks have faded shades or blueish shades. Also, the low quality socks will have the color fading away with washing.

🏭 So, I decided to start my own sock factory...

I called it Sock Laboratory because I saw it as a place of research and development with the mission to discover the perfect sock. I wanted it to be a fun place and this is why I chose the "lab green turquoise" color for it.

After 4 years of hard work

...this is the result of our research

We took every single pain in normal socks and we found a cure for each and every one



  • I don't need any other brands

    “I'm not an expert in socks, but I can tell you that after just a week of wearing these guys' socks every day, I realized I don't need any other brands of socks. From the moment of ordering to delivery, the customer service is very well developed and I want to congratulate the team for that. The product itself comes with excellent quality. Like everyone, I want to make sure that the money I spend gets me as much quality as possible. I tell you with all sincerity, the socks are totally worth the money and I will definitely buy from them again because they do honorable work, and because their involvement is felt from start to finish.” – Tiberius D.

  • Sock Laboratory exceeded my expectations

    "It's hard to find quality socks on online stores. Everyone praises theirs as being the best, claiming they have the best material, but the Sock Laboratory exceeded my expectations. You can tell from the first use that the socks and the material are of very good quality. I will definitely place another order when I need to. Thank you!.” – Adrian F.

  • Perfect!!

    “The socks are awesome!!! Soft and they give a velvety feeling to the foot!! Perfect!! Congratulations to everyone who makes such beauties!!.” – Christian M.